Entry Requirements

Our college entry requirements are 5 GCSE grades 4-9 or equivalent, and one of these must be English Language or Mathematics.

Please check the individual requirements for each subject on the course pages. Some subjects require additional grades in related GCSE subjects. We will consider BTEC courses as ONE GCSE equivalent as long they are at least a Merit grade at Level 2.

Subject specific requirements are subject to continual review post results each year and are therefore subject to change up to enrolment.

While we endeavour to honour these basic requirements, the college reserve the right to look at students’ overall prior attainment.

Similarly in some very exceptional circumstances, requirements may be relaxed, but subject staff would need evidence of relevant prior knowledge.

Attainment 8

The subject entry requirements include an Attainment 8 score .
Attainment 8 is a nationally recognised measure of achievement at level 2 (GCSE). It is calculated by taking into account performance in eight subjects, but greater weighting is given to the following subjects: Maths, English, History, Geography, Computer Science, Science and Languages.
We look at Attainment 8 scores in order to help guide you onto a study programme in which research suggests you are most likely to achieve higher grades. It is only a recommendation, and we also look at the overall coherence of your subject choices and grades in the subjects most relevant to your chosen programme and your future careers aims.

Rest assured there will be a suitable course for you at King Edward College if you achieve our minimum entry requirements.

Further Guidance on Attainment 8

Attainment 8 is calculated by taking the 8 best grades that fit in the 3 boxes below. English and Maths grades are doubled, then the best 3 grades for subjects from Box 2 are added, then the best 3 grades of all remaining subjects from Box 3 are added.  At a glance, this means that the maximum score is 90, 80 roughly means an average 8’s, 70 roughly means an average of 7’s, etc.

The ‘roughly’ bit is because Maths and English grades have a bigger effect as they are doubled, and not all subjects can be counted into Box 2. So averages can be lower or higher than a quick first glance might suggest if Box 1 or 2 have especially low or high grades in them.