Extended Certificate Applied Law

Qualification: Level 3
Assessment: Assessment is through coursework portfolios, a combination of written and practical research.
Exam Board: pearson


This course is aimed at students who prefer a more hands on approach to learning as opposed to the exam based approach of the AS in law.  Applied Law is 100% coursework based and offers those students who really want to study law but are not suited to the exam based nature of the AS course.  This course will offer those students a chance to choose a subject that much more appropriately fits their specific learning needs. The first year consists: Dispute Solving in the Legal System, Understanding Law Making and Aspects of Legal Liability.  In year two you choose three optional topics, such as Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers, Aspects of Property Offences and Police Powers, Aspects of Employment Law and Aspects of Family Law
Standard college entry requirements apply.
Two Years
Students will be expected to purchase a text book and pay a small donation towards photocopying costs.
This qualification will allow the students to either use their new found practical legal skills in the work place, or they can go on to study at a higher level, either a law degree or a related subject.  Law is a highly relevant subject that is relevant to diverse  careers such as, business, social services, journalism or even the police, and might be the first step in starting a career as a lawyer.
Applied Law is a coursework based subject that allows students to obtain skills that are very relevant to the work place.  Students will be expected to partake in mock trials and make presentations to the class.  The course does not require any previous legal knowledge. There will be the opportunity to join the college mock trial team and participate in the national completion.