Economics – A Level

A Level
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Exam Board: AQA


Economics is the social science that looks at how choices are made in society - in individual markets and at the level of the whole economy.  Who gets what and why? We look at how markets function, whether they give us what we want and why they fail - sometimes spectacularly. The methodology of Economics is applied to practical situations that impact on each of us. Should state spending on education fall in times of austerity? What relation has the cost of coffee beans to the price of a Costa cappuccino? How can the rational behaviour of millions of people cause calamitous stock market crashes? This is a challenging, stimulating course, appropriate for students with a keen interest in current affairs plus an ability to express themselves in written argument, supported by data.
Minimum College Entry Requirements (5 A*-C or equivalent) including English Language 5 and Maths 5
Two Years  
There may be small additional costs related to optional visits and trips. You will be asked to pay £5 to cover the cost of photocopies, booklets and case study materials.  There will be a recommended course text that you will be expected to purchase.
Many of our students progress to Economics degrees at university, or courses involving similar skills or content, such as Finance, Management or Politics. Although not a basis for direct employment, we feel that a study of Economics helps to develop the kind of critical, problem-solving mentality that employers seek.
The course is a social science that complements two distinct types of programme. Mathematicians/scientists find that their analytical skills are very valuable in addressing the key questions that Economics throws up. History/Politics/Geography and Sociology students will find the subjective nature of much of the material, and the need for reasoned debate, to be similar in Economics to these areas.  Business students have thrived in Economics, due to the complementary nature of the subjects.

Geoff Harris

Geoff Harris - Curriculum Area Manager of Humanities

What are your qualifications? BA (Hons) Economics and Politics - Leeds, BA (Hons) English - Warwick, PGCE - Birmingham

Teaching experience? Economics, English, Business Studies, Politics

What other relevant experience/qualifications do you have?

Vice-Principal of King Edward VI College for 5 years
Employment with IBM

What are your hobbies/interests? I am married with three children – we do all the sports. They want to run, play football or rugby, dance… I want to play snooker, darts, dominoes! I read. I am currently working through David Peace’s ‘fact-based’ fiction (GB84, The Damned United). My poor attention span means that I read a lot more short stories and essays these days: I love Borges – but only in English – and have just discovered David Foster Wallace. I am currently writing a rip-off of Andy Stanton’s ‘Mr Gum’ series for a Christmas surprise for my daughter. I have a minor obsession with the number 37…