Electronics – A Level

 A Level
 Exam Based
Exam Board: EDUQAS


The WJEC Electronics course enables students to develop an understanding of electronics, including digital circuits which form the basis of computers and telecommunication systems, amplifiers, timing circuits and microcontroller programming. Much of the course is studied using practical problem-solving activities with hands-on experience of building circuits, as well as computerised simulations. This is a two year A-level course, but can also be taken as a one year AS course.
Minimum College Entry Requirements (5 A*-C or equivalent) including Science BC and Maths 5
Two years  
You may wish to buy a recommended book or software to help with the course.
Many A Level Electronics students continue their studies at degree level in this or a related subject. As part of a wider programme the course provides an excellent basis for progression to any career or university course. Electronics will support a career in a wide range of areas because electronic devices are all around us. Studying Electronics alongside Physics and Mathematics would be a strong combination for careers in any branch of Engineering.
Subjects that link particularly well with this course are Physics and Mathematics, Engineering, IT and Computing. Prior study of Electronics is not important. To be successful in this course students should feel confident in their ability to suggest and try out possible solutions to practical problems.