English Language – A Levels

 A Level
 There are two exams at the end of the second year (both 2 hours 30 minutes) and a coursework folder consisting of a language investigation and an academic poster
Exam Board: OCR


This first year introduces students to the field of linguistics and is quite different to GCSE English, although it does build on some familiar concepts. Students learn to analyse and compare written, spoken and electronic texts, and also consider the theoretical constructs of language and power and genderlect. The analysis of texts will focus on the use of grammatical structures and other language levels such as speech analysis.  One of the exams also invites students to produce some original writing discussing a language topic. In the second year students engage with the study of language in the media, child language acquisition and language change. Coursework accounts for 20% of the A Level and allows students to investigate areas of language that interest them. Successful English Language students have strong writing skills, enjoy discussion and are interested in how language works. They read and appreciate a range of texts and are curious about human nature.
Minimum College Entry Requirements (5 A*-C or equivalent) including English Language 5
Two years  
Students are strongly advised to purchase course textbooks. There may be small additional costs related to optional visits and trips.
English Language is considered a strong basis for progressing into many careers or university courses. Students with this qualification are valued for their analytical and communication skills.
We particularly recommend that students wishing to take English Language also consider English Literature, especially if a degree in English or Creative Writing is a possibility. Other subjects that link particularly well with this course include Modern Languages, Psychology and Sociology. Studying English Language alongside Biology is the recommended programme for anyone considering Speech Therapy as a career.

Natalie Murphy

Natalie murphy - Teacher of English

What are your qualifications? BA English Language and Literature, PGCE, currently studying for MA in Educational Innovation.

Teaching experience? I have been teaching A level English language and A level English literature for two years, across a range of specifications. I am also an examiner for OCR.

What other relevant experience/qualifications do you have?

Relatively new to teaching, I completed my NQT year at Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Coventry. I have led groups on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, in addition to organising for guest lecturers to visit from universities.

What are your hobbies/interests? I enjoy swimming, cycling and running. As an English teacher, I love reading. I also really enjoy baking and I am the most recent winner of the English department Bake Off.

Paul Maiden

What are your qualifications? BA in English Language and Literature, PGCE in English (both Oxford University), MA in Education (Staffordshire University)

Teaching experience? I have taught a range of A levels, including English Literature (AS and A2), English Language (AS and A2), English Language and Literature (A2), and Media Studies to AS and A2. I have also taught the AS Extended Project, and GCSE English Language and English Literature.

What other relevant experience/qualifications do you have?

I have experience of attending a range of exam board training sessions across all qualifications, have participated in, and led, coursework moderation and arranged visits with other centres to discuss ideas and best practice. I have also run a range of trips, to Oxford University, Harry Potter Studios, The Curve Theatre, and a lecture day in Birmingham, and have led on literacy across college for the past year, producing resources, carrying out observations, demonstrating good practice and offering support to others. I also run the Creative Writing group, a member of which this year was shortlisted for a national competition.

What are your hobbies/interests? Reading (obviously!), Creative writing, Playing football (only at college on a Monday but it all counts), Cooking, baking and Coronation Street (really).