Government & Politics – A Level

A Level
Exam Based
Exam Board: PEARSON


In the new linear Government and Politics course we shall be looking at both the UK and USA political systems and making comparisons between them both.  Issues such as the relative powers of Parliament and Congress as well as the powers held by the British Prime Minister and US President will be examined.  We will also be looking at the different elections held in the UK and the method of electing a US President.  Alongside this the course also looks at key political ideas with regards to liberalism, socialism and conservatism as well as feminism.  To be successful at Politics you are not expected to have a huge amount of knowledge before you start the course but an interest and curiosity in current affairs would certainly be advantageous.
Minimum College Entry Requirements (5 A*-C or equivalent) including English Language 5
Two years  
There may be small additional costs related to optional visits and trips. A £5 charge is made for consumable materials.
Many students who have studied Government and Politics have gone onto Russel Group Universities as well as Oxford University to study a variety of subjects.  As well as Politics and International Relations these have included Law, History, English and the sciences.
Subjects that link particularly well with this course are History, Ancient History, English, Economics, Law, Philosophy in fact Politics can complement a wide range of other courses. It also goes particularly well with the Debating and Public Speaking enrichment option. To be successful in this course students should know be interested in current affairs and feel relatively confident in their ability to read, assimilate new information, and complete extended pieces of writing.

Paul Hickling

Paul Hickling - Teacher of History

What are your qualifications? BA (Hons) University of Lancaster in History and Politics. MA (Distinction), University of Manchester in Medieval History.

Teaching experience? Experienced teacher of A Level History, Politics and Critical Thinking

What other relevant experience/qualifications do you have?

Examiner for Edexcel Government and Politics

What are your hobbies/interests? Reading, local government, gardening and looking after Zengi the cat.


Student Testimonial...

Choosing politics was one of the best decisions I have made- it goes really well with History which I have also studied.  At AS we are looking at British politics and have just been looking at the different UK political parties and the impact Mrs Thatcher has had on them.  I am looking forward to the trip to Parliament next year which our teacher organises every year.  Paul our teacher makes us work really hard but I feel really prepared for the upcoming exams.  Anyone who is interested in current affairs or is thinking about studying subjects like History, Economics or English should also study Politics.

Rosie Mangan