A Level
Assessment: Exam Based
Exam Board: EDUQAS


Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. It will interest students who want to find out more about human thought and actions. During the course you will develop an understanding of the nature of science and psychological research methods. Research methods involves learning about how psychologists plan, design and conduct investigations, collect and analyse data, conduct statistical tests, display data using graphs and charts and form scientific hypotheses and conclusions. You will study social influence as to why we want to fit in and feel like we have to obey authority, the power of attachments including how children develop them and why they are important for our adult lives, how we store and forget information such as memories and the accuracy of witness statements, the origins of Psychology as a science and the various approaches that make up the subject (Biological, cognitive and learning approaches) and the defining characteristics of OCD, depression and phobias and how we treat them.
Minimum College Entry Requirements (5 A*-C or equivalent) including English Language 4 (and Maths 5 preferred)
Two Years  
There may be small additional costs related to optional visits and trips. The core course text-book is approximately £25, this will be required for all lessons and homework. £5 required at enrolment to help cover photocopying costs.
A number of students choose to pursue their study at degree level. As part of a wider programme the course provides an excellent basis for progression to any career or university course. Psychology will support a career in a wide range of areas, including Teaching, Social work, Nursing, Medicine, Police, Public Relations and many more.
Psychology works well with most subjects. It links particularly well with Sociology, Biology, PE, and Health and Social Care. There may be optional trips to revision conferences (including meeting famous psychologists, textbook authors and chief examiners) and universities.Students are expected to commit to regular reading and homework, and should feel comfortable with basic mathematics. No prior study of the subject is needed.

Sinead Mulholland

Sinead Mulholland - Teacher of Psychology

What are your qualifications? BSc (Hons) Psychology - Coventry, PGCE (PCET) - University of Greenwich

Teaching experience? AS & A2 Psychology, AS & A2 Health & Social Care

What other relevant experience/qualifications do you have?

Faculty Leader for Psychology & Health & Social Care, Curriculum Area Head for Psychology & Health & Social Care. Senior examiner, coursework moderator and remarker for AQA.
Previous teaching position at Cadbury college (the free chocolate was good). Private tutor.
Other than teaching I’ve worked on the stock market in London & for an internet bank.

What are your hobbies/interests? My 3 little children keep me busy. I was a world champion Irish dancer when I was younger and fitter… Now I run my own Irish dancing school (Carroll School of Irish Dancing) based in Attleborough, come along for a jig. Travelling the world was fun. Love Indie music and am slighly obsessed with Kelly Jones from Stereophonics. Favourite psychologist is Professor Phil Zimbardo; I am honoured to have met him twice and sat on his knee once.


Student Testimonial...

Psychology is my favourite subject because every topic is extremely interesting and I enjoy learning about behaviour that I can then recognise in my daily life. Everything you learn is relevant to your life and the Psychology staff are super friendly, really letting you get involved in your own learning as an equal adult.

Alexandria Jackson