A Level
Exam Based
Exam Board: EDUQAS


Have you ever wondered why it is women, and notmen, who tend to do the bulk of the house work and childcare, why overall girls achieve far better exam results than boys, or why the police tend to target young rather than older people? If you have then Sociology might well be the subject for you.  This course aims to arm students with the knowledge they need to give them a deeper and more critical appreciation of contemporary societies. During the first year we will study, Culture and Identity, Families and Households, Education and Research methods. During the second year we study, Crime and Deviance, Power and Stratification and Research methods. These will be assessed at the end of two years of study by three examinations.
Minimum College Entry Requirements (5 A*-C or equivalent) including English Language 4 
Two Years 
There may be small additional costs related to revision guides, optional visits and trips e.g. torevision conferences. If you wish to buy the course textbook then this will cost approximately £20 per year.
After the two years of study, higher study including a degree in this or a related area is a possibility. As part of your wider program of study Sociology provides an excellent basis for progression onto any career or university course. Sociology supports careers in a wide range of areas such as: human resources, social & welfare work, police, local government, advertising and management. The analytical and evaluative skills developed during this course are valued in both higher education and employment.
Subjects that link particularly well with this course are English, Religious Studies, Psychology, Health and Social Care, History and Politics. To be successful in this course students should have an interest in contemporary social issues. Discussion is an important part of this course so students with strong opinions are welcomed, although students must be prepared to have their views challenged.