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Parent App

What is THIS?

THIS is our Parent communication app from WEDUC designed to keep you in touch with what is happening at college: Teachers, Coaches & Home, Involved with Support.

What THIS does?

THIS is personalised to the enrolments of your son/daughter. You stay in touch with college information that is relevant to them. It has links directly to our website and Parent Portal.

Newsfeed – Keep up to date with all that’s going on in college personalised to your son/daughter’s subject groups and progress sessions

Messages – Teachers/Coaches/exam staff/college services can contact you directly about your son/daughter when they need to

Notices – For whole college or group events & news. Never lose the paperwork. 

Calendar – Personalised to your son/daughter’s subject groups and progress sessions: exam dates, controlled assessments, deadlines due, events, trips, with all the relevant information attached

Forms – Report absences via the app and make enquiries

Payments – Make payments online via the app for trips, visits, equipment

Booking – (Coming soon) Book Progress evening appointments from the app.

How do i get THIS?

Download the weduc app for free on your smart phone.  Your log information will be emailed to you.  You can also gain access via

If you cannot find your login, please contact us via