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Parent Portal

In order to access the Portal for your son/daughter you have been emailed details on how to register your account.  Please click the button below when you are ready to register.

Parent Portal Login

Parent Portal is your access to ‘live’ data about your son’s/daughter’s progress at King Edward VI College. Apart from access to your son’s/daughter’s subject information, attendance data is updated daily and at regular intervals staff will provide details about your son’s/daughter’s progress.

Agreed Target Grades and Progress Reviews

Agreed Target Grade – This is not a prediction. This is the grade that both teacher and student agree is a target to aim for. It takes into account the minimum expected grade based on GCSEs and the aspirations of the student. It will be discussed and agreed half way through Year 1 taking into account skills development so far and future careers plans. It will be ambitious.

Progress Review – CORE Skills – Four skills are assessed each term: Communication, Ownership, Reflection and Engagement. These are recorded on a four-point scale that reflects to what degree these are being displayed. Student and teachers will discuss these and agree them for each subject.

Markbook Progress Grade – This is not a prediction. This is the grade that summarises recent performance, taking into account not only test/assessment outcomes, but also development of the skills necessary to be successful on the course. It is to be used as a discussion starter on how to improve and bridge the gap from current performance to Agreed Target Grade. The first Markbook Progress Grade will appear half way through Year 1 once students have had opportunity to show skills development and have had several significant assessments.

Predicted Grades – These will be discussed at the beginning of Year 2. They will be realistic and based on all previous knowledge of assessment grades and skills development so far, including the End of Year 1 Exams.

The name of your son’s/daughter’s Progress Coach will also be listed should you have any serious concerns you would like to discuss with them as a first point of contact with the college.  The Progress Coach can be contacted by telephone on 02476 328231.

Access to Parent Portal is provided as one User ID per family.  We would be grateful if you could share the user name and password details with any family member who has parental or caring responsibility for the student.  If further User ID’s are required, the new user can request an ID by accessing the Parent Portal login screen through the above link and clicking on ‘Submit an Account Request’. A new User ID will be issued once the appropriate Data Protection checks have been made.

Once you have registered you will only need to use the username and updated password you registered with.

If you have not received this information or you experience any problems with accessing the system please email: