Student Union

Welcome to all those thinking of coming to King Edward VI College.

Student Executives

Each year, two Head Executives and two Deputy Executives are appointed.  We have an active Student Union which encourages students to be involved in developing ideas and promoting active participation.  All students are welcome to attend and debate ideas/discuss concerns, as well as presenting views on student matters, which are then shared with senior staff as well as governors. We value the student voice and celebrate difference and diversity: every student matters at King Edward VI College.

As a student at King Edward VI College, you are at the heart of everything we do.

Coming to college gives you the ability to be a lot more independent than you were at secondary school, with students being at the heart of all decisions made. You can shape your experience here however you would like, as the staff cater for all learners and abilities. As part of this ethos, the Student Union was formed to be a key part of management in the college, representing all students at the highest level.
We are here to help you design this environment as the perfect half way house for your future, by ensuring your voice is heard. Redesigning student voice has allowed us to develop a strong student presence in all aspects of the college, from what goes on in the classroom to meetings with the principal.

There are three main focus areas for student voice:
• Learning – To make sure your education is tailored to you, and that you feel that you are comfortable on your course and that it is the best you can get.
• Life – To make sure your college environment is safe and comfortable, by always having someone to talk to with any problem.
• Opportunities – To provide as many experiences outside of lessons as possible to help develop and prepare you for your future.

With over 60 subjects to choose from, the college has a clear capability to cater to the needs of all the students, with a range of both A Levels and Vocational qualifications giving the college a diverse community. You can devise a tailor-made programme with an individualised timetable to meet your specific personal needs.

Outside of your subjects, all students are given the opportunity to develop themselves further through our broad enrichment programme, allowing you to follow your passions, meet new people and make friends who have the same interests as you.

As the college only has students over 16, teachers are friendly and treat you like adults and with respect. You are encouraged to take ownership of your learning and development, and are allowed to use your free time as you wish. However, advice is always given by the college staff, from teachers to members of the pastoral team, which is comforting as you can be supported through all issues, both academic and general.

The college provides a well-rounded atmosphere, as well as the ability for you to achieve, and to develop yourself for your future. We hope you will join us and we look forward to making you welcome at King Edward VI College. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need any advice, our e-mail address is

Student Ambassadors

We have a team of Student Ambassadors who attend key events such as Open Evenings, Taster Days careers conventions, provide advice and guidance at local schools, offer ‘Drop In’ sessions for students, and plan charity events and promote the college in every aspect of their work. Becoming part of the Student Ambassador team is an enriching experience.