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Student Support

Leader of Inclusivity and designated Safeguarding Officer Shirley Axon manages the Student Support Centre at King Edward College. Along with her team they work to support students with Autism, Dyslexia, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health Issues, Medical Conditions and Difficult Personal Circumstances including Young Carers and students living independently.

The support is tailored to individual students requirements and can be short or long term. The Inclusivity Team works closely with the wider college ensuring that all students take a full part in the learning opportunities offered by the college and gain maximum benefit from their studies. We provide intervention and support to vulnerable learners helping to build independence, resilience and improve their learning experience.

Student Support operates an ‘Open Door Policy’.

On applying to college
If you have disclosed a specific learning difficulty or disability on your application form you are welcome to visit the college to discuss support needs with the Leader of Inclusivity. This can take place before the start of term and we can then ensure that the relevant support needs are identified before you commence your studies with us. Individual advice can also be issued to teachers identifying the type of support or extra resources which may be needed in lessons.

On Enrolment
Students are seen in Student Support for a brief discussion regarding support need. They then can make an appointment to have a more in-depth interview where an Individual Education Plan can be discussed, resources provided and targets/plan agreed. If you have previously had Exam Access Arrangements such as extra time, a reader or a use of laptop the team can be made aware of these at this time.

Further Assessment and Special Exam Arrangements
Student Support can arrange for a full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia, we can update previous assessments to identify whether your support needs have changed. We also arrange exam access arrangements for students with physical disabilities and medical issues these include rest breaks and/or a smaller room along with implementing any access arrangements previously identified on enrolment.

For all enquiries about additional support at college please contact Shirley Axon, Leader of Inclusivity. Tel 02476 328231 or email: